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On-board satellite antennas
Horn design
Reflectors and feeds
Past Experience
The Principal, Trevor Bird, has had 40 years’ experience working with radio frequency components and antennas operating in the frequency range from 1Megahertz to 600 Gigahertz. Please refer to resume elsewhere on this web site.

Some past projects include:

      Antenna arrays, both planar and conformal

      Antennas for on-board satellite and ground stations for communications.

      Antennas for radiotelescopes eg. Parkes and Arecibo

      Antenna measurements both near and far field

      Broadcast antennas for digital TV and wireless

      Dielectric rod antennas

      Feed systems for most satellite bands

      Horn antennas eg. corrugated and pyramidal types for standard gain measurements

      Indoor wireless antennas for 5GHz and 60GHz

      Loop and slot antennas

      Metamaterials and frequency selective surfaces (FSS)

      Microstrip antennas

      Monopulse antennas

      Multibeam antennas with reflectors using feed arrays and reflector surface shaping

      Mutual coupling between antennas

      Mutual coupling in arrays including those with tight coupling

      Reflector antennas, both front-fed and with subreflector, symmetrical and offset

      Yagi-Ud aarrays

Conference and Publication involvement:
• Engineering and science conference planning and organisation for URSI Symposium on Electromagnetic Theory 1992, APMC 2000, Australian Symposium on Antennas 1987-2011, CSIRO ICT Centre Conferences 2004-2010
• Technical Program Committee member of many major international conferences related to antenna engineering
• Reviewer and editor of engineering journals

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