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Book Chapters

1.            BIRD, T.S.: "Horn antennas", in J.L. Volakis (ed), "Antenna engineering handbook", 5th Edition, McGraw-Hill, New York, Chap. 19, 2019. [ISBN 978-1-259-64469-6         

2.            GUO, Y.J., KARMOKAR, D.K. & BIRD, T.S.: "Reconfigurable leaky-wave antennas", in R. Mittra (ed), ' Developments in Antenna Analysis and Design', Peter Perigrinus, Vol. 1, Chap. 5, Nov. 2018. [ISBN 978-1-785-61889-5     

3              HAY, S. G. & BIRD, T.S.: "Applications of phased array feeds", in Z.N.Chen (ed) "Handbook of antenna technologies", Springer 2016, 41 pages. [ISBN 978-981-4560-43-6]

4              BIRD,T.S: :"Reflector antennas", in Z.N. Chen (ed) "Handbook of antenna technologies", Springer 2016, 61 pages . [ISBN 978-981-4560-43-6]

5              BIRD,T.S. & GRANET, C.: "Profiled horns and feeds", in L. Shafai, S.K.Sharma & S. Rao (eds) "Vol. II: Feed systems" of "Handbookof reflector antennas", Artech House, USA, Chap. 5, 2013, pp. 123-155.[ISBN 978-1-60807-517-1]  

6              WEILY,A.R., BIRD, T.S., ESSELLE, K.P. & SANDERS, B.C.: "EBG Materials and Antennas", in D. Liu, B. Gaucher, U. Pfeiffer and J. Grzyb (eds.)"Advanced Millimeter-wave Technologies: Antennas, Packaging andCircuits", John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, UK, 2009, Chap. 10, pp. 413-450.[ISBN 978-0-470-99617-1]

7              BIRD,T.S.: "Feed Antennas", in C. Balanis (ed), "Modern AntennaHandbook", J. Wiley & Sons Inc., New Jersey, Chap. 18, 2008.  [ISBN 978-0-470-03634-1]

8              BIRD,T.S. & LOVE, A.W.: "Horn Antennas", in J. Volakis (ed),"Antenna Engineering ICT 06/374]

9              BIRD,T.S.: "Antenna feeds", in K. Chang (ed), "Encyclopaedia of RFand Microwave Engineering", J. Wiley & Sons Inc., New Jersey, 2005,Vol. 1, pp. 185-217.  [ISBN0-471-27053-9] 

10              GE, Y.,ESSELLE, K.P. & BIRD, T.S.: "Antennas for 5 - 6 GHz wirelesscommunications systems", in T.A. Wysocki, B. Honary and B.J. Wysocki(ed.), "Signal Processing for Telecommunications and Multimedia",Multimedia Systems and Applications Series, Volume 27, Springer, 2005, pp.269-280.  [ICT 04/1882]

11              BIRD,T.S. & JAMES, G.L.: "Design and practice of reflector antennas andfeed systems in the 1990s", in W.R. Stone (ed.), "URSI Review ofRadio Science 1996-99", Oxford University Press, UK, 1999, Chap. 4, pp.83-117.  [ISBN 0 19 856571 2] 

12           STAVELEY-SMITH,L., WILSON, W.E., BIRD, T.S., SINCLAIR, M.W., EKERS, R.D. & WEBSTER, R.L.:"The Parkes 21cm multibeam receiver", in D.T. Emerson & J.M.Payne (ed.), "Multi-feed Systems for Radio Telescopes", AstronomicalSociety of the Pacific Conference Series, Vol. 75, 1995, pp. 136-143. [ISBN0-937707-94-5]

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